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Beginner's Interactive NetLogo Dictionary

The Banner of the Beginner’s Interactive NetLogo Dictionary (BIND) that shows the connection between computational agents in NetLogo.
Banner of the Beginner’s Interactive NetLogo Dictionary (BIND).

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Project description

I developed Beginner’s Interactive NetLogo Dictionary (BIND), along with my team of skilled work-study interns, to provide an extensive but approachable starting point for new learners of NetLogo. By new learner, we do not only mean students; we mean a wide spectrum of newcomers ranging from K-12 and college students who learn NetLogo as part of their in-school curriculum or after school programs to teachers who would like to create novel computational models for their students to scientists who would like to learn NetLogo to construct models of cutting-edge scientific phenomena. Thus, each item in this dictionary includes a beginner friendly description and an interactive code example so that you can see each NetLogo primitive in action and tinker with ideas. It is the most newcomer friendly resource to learn NetLogo and agent-based modeling.

If you are new to NetLogo and/or agent-based modeling, I highly recommend you to start with BIND. It has everything you need to start building your models.

You can also always feel free to reach out to me with questions about NetLogo, agent-based modeling, and complex systems.

Aslan, U., & Wilensky, U. (2021). Beginner’s Interactive NetLogo Dictionary (BIND). Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling, Northwestern University. Evanston, IL.


In progress: I am still building my webpage. I could not finish this project’s page yet but I will soon.